Cat Judice


Cat Judice Textiles is an eponymous textiles and home goods brand launched in Spring 2017.

From a branding perspective, Cathryn Judice and Mainland felt that the approach to developing the Cat Judice Textiles suite should be targeted and incremental. Cat, an artist and entrepreneur with deep ties in the textiles industry, knew the steps to take and in which order. This was a 'business-plan-informs-the-content' campaign, in which method and strategy were paramount.

Initially, the focus was on developing the logo, the mark and business cards so Cat could focus on the important parts of running her business: perfecting her product line and setting up production and inventory systems. When the time came to launch and create relationships with showrooms, she was ready. Two years later, we got into the details of making the brand story come to life with a full collection catalog, a quick foldout with basic information and a two-tiered system of fabric swatches.


Mainland worked closely with Cat to develop style and language guidelines for these printed pieces, writing illustrative and unique captions for all 15 of her stunning patterns. Cat was then able to take the expanded visual language and typographic details and apply them to a new website. This would tie the components together across all possible consumer touchpoints. The tagline, “Textiles to infuse your home with color & vivacity” has become a key connector across all materials, capturing Cat’s contagious approach to color and pattern and setting the stage for more to come.

What started out as a logo and color palette evolved into the collection of printed ephemera shown here. Starting with the basics, the visuals were able to grow with the business and launch the Cat Judice Textiles line to an ever-growing and refined audience.