Minimal Rhode Island Cabin


For us, minimalism gets at the heart of what makes a space effortless and satisfying. Calming blues and whites, broken up only by soft wood grain, brass fittings or the occasional pop of colour from a well curated plant collection, creates a space that allows for serenity. Our focus on the inherent design ethics of the natural world called for the use of natural materials, living or otherwise. Cozy woollen throws and naturally dyed denims create a lived in texture that feels both elegant and homey. Flush mounted chandeliers gave the space a bit of understated polish while not taking away from the limited amount of vertical space available.


Table by Outland Projects
Lights and Coat Hooks by FormFwrd
Bean Drawing by Kevin Quale
Blankets by Faribault Woolen Mills
Axe by Best Made
scarf by block shop textiles
Circle Mirror and Cutting Boards by BDDW
Hat by Westerlind
blue paint color by Sherwin williams, new york state of mind
Wall Vase and Custom brass fittings by Mainland Studio
Photos by Kelly Shea