Red Hook Crow's Nest


Red Hook is a small, seaside neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It embodies all of what we love about New York, mixing together history, progress, whiskey and the growingly scarce commodity that is kind human interaction. When styling this bright, top floor apartment, we wanted to incorporate those elements that make the location unique as well as introduce subtle, sophisticated tones to punch the project up. South and West facing windows flood the space with light, so plants in traditional terracotta pots and weather beaten driftwood played heavily into our initial sketches. Matte white walls served to enhance the light, airy feeling we envisioned, and gave special attention to the what little art we hung on the walls. Simple white shelves positioned against the biggest wall in the apartment seemed to disappear, letting a curious collection of colourful books shine and engage with the space. The addition of brushed brass fittings in the bedroom and kitchen gave both spaces shiny pops of modernity which juxtaposed nicely next to simple textile elements. 


BUOy Print by Mea Duke
Driftwood Wall Planters and PLants by Mainland Studio
Bowls by Someware goods
vintage mirror, chair and chest
Cutting Boards by BDDW
Custom Brass Fittings by Mainland Studio
Photos by Kelly Shea