September 27, 2019


We’re rushing to finish up a new interiors project as a break from the general studio day-to-day client work and it’s been super satisfying to see the immediate progress and get sawdusty and paint-stained again.

To keep our minds sharp and relevant, here are a few of our favorite finds from the internet. From a design critique of the Democratic Presidential Candidates logos to a humorous short from Jenny Slate.

  1. NY Times: A Garden Run Delightfully Amok about the Montauk garden of the power design duo behind Roman and Williams Guild.

  2. The Cut: Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram? A real look in the mirror.

  3. Fast Company: The Logos of All 11 Democratic Presidential Candidates Ranked It’s pretty biased but interesting. Nat and I have been discussing this a lot so it’s interesting to see a roundup.

  4. This video of Martha Stewart cutting the lawn on a riding mower you never knew you wanted. You’re welcome.

  5. Apiece Apart: Sisters of Celsious Some interesting tips on how to clean clothes and homes with all natural products. Hint: it’s mostly vinegar.

  6. The New Yorker: Going to The Restaurant by Jenny Slate “Tonight I am going to the restaurant, where I will eat a killed and burned-up bird and drink liquefied old purple grapes, and also I will swallow clear water that used to have bugs and poop and poison in it but has been cleaned up so that it doesn’t make us ill.” Also the use of the word “blinkers” for eyes is really good.

  7. Bon Appetit Top 10 List I definitely didn’t not go and make an egg salad after seeing that Konbi sandwich yet again. LA here we come.

To the return of cooler nights and sunny blue skies! - MM