October 11, 2019


Even though we’re a-roamin’ we’re still a-consumin’! It’s a quick one this week featuring some faves from both our travels and our home. We’ve been able to meet some incredible new people who have started equally as impressive businesses and we are so proud to be able to share this little slice of near and far with you this week.

  1. A great (and we mean GREAT) interview with Asheville, NC based singer, Angel Olsen (@angelolsenmusic) via @thecut. Also, she has a new record out now called #allmirrors.

  2. There’s two gallery shows in NYC that are must sees *before* they close on 10/19. One of them is at @pacegallery and features @loiehollowell and the other is at @gladstone.gallery and features all time fav @maureengallace

  3. We’ve been a-sippin’ as well. We’ve been rippin’ @kickapoocoffee on the daily. They have a few locations, but we’re barflies at the local shop here in #viroqua #wisconsin. This juice is the truth.

  4. We’ve also been heavily featuring @wiscopop as our go-to non-alcoholic beverage. Everything they make is killer, but we’re immediate freaks about the Sparkle product in ginger. Think sparking water meets a raw ginger and lime. It’s a whoa.

  5. We’ve been crushing podcasts (obviously) on the road, so it’s hard to chose one that we’ve been floored by since they’ve all been great. BUT! We’d like to mention the Pessimists Archive Podcast (@pessimistsarc). It’s a history podcast about the people and panics had by the introduction of new things to society and how very, very wrong they were to freak out. Holy moley, a podcast about how things are actually pretty great.