The Best Part of Leaving is Coming Home


New York City's bustling streets feel far removed in our 4th floor walkup in Brooklyn. Located close to the water and far from the train, we've found peace in the middle of chaos; our small apartment in Red Hook has become a haven. 

We keep our city home filled with plants, books and found artifacts we’ve picked up along our way. All together they create our vision for the future - of cohabitation with nature, fostering growth, community and honing our craft. The plants range from tropicals grown from seed to hanging plants rescued from Home Depot. The books are dog-eared copies of novels I grew up with and fine art, photography and architecture books.


Surrounding ourselves with both our past and the ever upward growing plants gives us the perspective we need to face each day. Every night is restorative as we give ourselves the opportunity to thumb through the pages or run a hand across a leaf. Or maybe we just drink whiskey and watch old country music videos. The best part of leaving is Coming Home.

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